Sunday, September 26, 2010

What's in a Name Giveaway

What a beee-u-tee-full weekend.
it's's fall. it's fall.
I love the cooler temps and pretty tie-dyes leaves.
Today I honored the Sabbath.
(i.e: I laid around on my booty all day)
I decided NOT to do any housework. not a lick. and it felt
The kids enjoyed being home all day.
They drew on the sidewalk.
Luke made a hummingbird...that looked like...
a HUMMINGBIRD! I love his brain.

They flew a kite.
The wind was crisp and perfect for a kite flight.

AND Yesterday....
Yesterday, my feller and I loaded up the kids and drove to Uptown Dallas.
The Scarbos in Uptown Dallas is pretty similar to
hillbillies in Beverly Hills.
{seems kinda funny}
But the store we went to was pretty ROCKIN'!
Cause I met these little Darlin's!
Meet....The New Girls.
As many of you know, I love to name my cowboy boots.
I don't know why! Don't bother askin'.
My first pair are now known as The Double D's, Dolly and Daisy.
My black pair..Roxy and Kitty.
But these ladies? I got nothin'.So...Help me name the Pinky Ladies.
A little redneck, a little sassy, kinda gaudy, with a splash o'trashy.
I am looking for a pair of names that are fresh out of the trailer park.
If I pick your name suggestion, I will give you this weeks Turn it out Tuesday feature,
the one of a kind Read and Green Ornament, made of recycled magazines.
So post your entry in the comments of this page
and an e-mail addy where you can be reached. Then post the link to your blog and help me spread the word:) I am hoping to pick a name by Friday night. Happy naming!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mommy Dragon, Hitter of Books

the flickering light of a smelly-good candle.
a mix of Dave Mattthews, Gillian Welch, and Feist.
a homesick for my youth me. studying. remembering.
Something about studying, a fragrant candle, and DMB. Takes me back to my early 20's and makes me kinda yearn to go back there. Dreams were big!Hopes were many. I mean life isn't so bad! I have a good life. But this little piece of me, says...if only there WERE such a thing as time travel:) I would live in the a well decorated, eclectic loft apartment. I would cook gourmet meals for my bestests. And when I got married, we would visit art museums together and teach our children about culture and music, and shop in exclusive stores, because we would be so rich!

My daydreaming was interrupted, by this little tiny, boy who just needed to be close to his mommy. Pillow in hand, he climbed onto my bed, and nestled as close as he could. And I realized, I'm already rich. And it's not even a daydream.

I looked at and kissed his little hand and decided to embrace this time in my life.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

job 33:28

He redeemed my soul from going down to the pit, and I will enjoy the light. ~Job 33:28

I took this picture on a whim today.
After taking the shot, I realized, this
is a picture of what my heart should look like. Despite being surrounded by dark clouds, Jesus and his light should be at the center of my focus. Notice how the area above the sun is clear and without many clouds. When we are closer to His light, we to are able to see and hear Him more clearly. And like the sun, He is consistent. If it's gotten too dark where I am standing, it's because I let myself get to far away. But like a searchlight, He always locates me, and brings me back to Him. Because of His grace and mercy, I can enjoy His light.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do the Hokey Pokey and on Tuesday, TURN IT OUT!

[Read and Green]
Last week I showed you
how I am using toilet paper rolls
to make flowers.
Did you know when you plant cardboard flowers they spread all over the place?
Oh yeah. Plant a couple and they just start popping up everywhere!!
We decided to do a mural of these babies over Brae's desk, window, and onto the wall where her bed sits.

In the center of each flower is a magazine button.
I made these by rolling strips of magazine pages.
To make a magazine button:
  1. Cut a magazine page into thirds lengthwise. This gives you 3 (somewhat) even strips.
  2. Take a strip and begin folding diagonally at the corner.
  3. Fold until you have a long thin strip or quill.
  4. Roll the quill tightly until you have what will look like a snail shell.
    5. Use a dot of hot glue to hold the end in place. and there you have it. A magazine button.

My Tuesday creation is what I like to call,

Read and Green.

Get it? Cheesy? I know....what're ya gonna do?!
I took the magazine buttons and glued them to a 75 cent plastic ornament.

I am lunch blogging and don't have a lot of time to give an illustrated tutorial. I learned how to roll the strips from a book called the Big A** Book of Crafts by Mark Montano. The book gives lots of other ideas for recycling things into reclaimed treasures.
~Check it out!~
I would love to see what you are working on.
PoSt a LiNk to your blog in comments. i would love to follow ya!
Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Busy Life of a Little Boy

It must be tiresome, being a little boy.

Luke has 3 styles of dress.

Soccer Champion

believe it or not, he had a whistle blown on him
for throwing his elbow into the other team's players.
Timid Luke, the soccer aggressor.

Fix-it Man

Luke loves to watch people fix things.
Our t-molding has taken a beating since
he watched his uncles put laminate floor down.
Rip trim up,hammer down. repeat.

Condemner of Evil Doers

favorite show?Cops.
favorite thing to do with friends? Arrest them.
favorite thing to dress up as... you get it.

Stunt Driver
Luke loves to drive his cars.
Thanks to Pappy he has a few.
My Pa-In-Law gets broken Power Wheels and repairs them.

Big Boy Follower
Luke has no idea he is only 4.
He loves hangin' with the big boys.

wild man, kooky Lukey.
He keeps us rolling!!

Rest my Little One.

Monday, September 13, 2010

and NOW...making its Mommy Dragon debut...
{drumroll, please}
in this weekly feature(hopefully), I will turn out the projects I have been working on. I will also post links to really cool tutorials that I WANT to try.
Ready? Let's give it a whirl!
I am making a flower garland for Brae's Anthropology style room.
The supplies are as follows:
  • Paper towel or toilet paper rolls
  • Hot glue gun

1. Cut card board tubes into half inch pieces.This should l give you 5 or 6 rings.

2. Glue pieces point to point.

3. Once you complete 2 flowers, glue 1 flower to the other. Continue until you have a long garland.

The flowers individually look great as gift embellishments. I am considering making this into a mobile.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Dragon Returns; Love in the Air

This is a middle schooler. Middle schoolers are a witty species, known for eye-rolling, and rapid physical maturity. This particular breed cares much about appearance, communicates by texting, and demands being treated like an adult. Temperament ranges somewhere between helpful and cooperative to angry and volatile. When a middle schooler approaches, proceed with caution. It is typically uncertain WHICH mood the Middle Schooler might be in. Under no circumstances should one attempt to pry cell phone from species' hand unless, that person has undergone thorough training.


I am baffled. Look at her.

As tall as me, sharp as a tack, and
GORGEOUS! I AM a PROUD MAMA! I wasn't too sure how it was all going to go,
but so far things are going well. Praise GOD!

In an attempt at earning my Domestic Goddess Badge.... Luke and I baked Braelyn a cake for her first day of school. I would like to say, it was a lot of fun baking with the Little Man.

I would also like to say, that I am never going to make it in the bakery business.
AND...that my cake looked like it would also work nicely at, say, maybe a
BACHELORETTE PARTY. Or at a urologist office party. I would post a picture of the delectable PENCIL CAKE, but I think I am going to just let your imagination take ya there.

I am definitely no Ace of Cakes, that's for sure! I am so happy that middle school has not YET become the scary nightmare I thought it was going to be.

I am only a year behind in my blogging efforts but am ready to give it another go.I would like to pretend like NOTHING has happened since I blogged last...but I'd be a


sooo...for blogging purposes...let's just start with what's gone on lately.

Four score and 7 years ago, I said I DO to this handsome, hardworking, and gosh darn it-- FUNNY bloak. Weird how much we've changed in just 7 years.
Jason and I decided to kick off the infamous itch in a BIG way!

We stayed overnight at the Stockyard's Hotel and ate dinner at our favorite restaurant, H3 Ranch. We bid on this package at a benefit that was held on behalf of Jason's co-worker, Ruben Martinez. He lost his life after being shot while delivering beer. He was a husband and daddy with a new baby on the way. Made me appreciate my guy that much more. Got a little teary eyed to think how fast Ruben's wife's Life has changed.
I love this guy.and wine. and steak.

I am very thankful for this life!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Mommy Dragon in the Cotton Sea

I just returned from a great afternoon treat! On a whim, I called Jason to see if he wanted to meet for lunch. We hadn't met for lunch in a LONG time. I love getting to see him in the middle of the day. He has put in a lot of extra hours in the past weeks so it was a nice change. When it came time to decide on a restaurant, Jas picked Furr's. Home cooking is always a favorite for me. I love Southern food. When we walked in, it was a little nostalgic.
I remember being little and eating at the very same Furr's, back in it's hay-day. Pushing my tray down the metal railing made me feel so independent. Getting to pick whatever I wanted to eat was so liberating. And there was nothing more exciting than picking from the pretty meringue and whipped cream topped desserts and bowls of crystal jello. And drinking milk out of the little carton with a straw was like the cherry on top.
Even now that I am grown I couldn't help but feel very young in that place. I glanced across the room to notice an abundance of cotton topped, white headed, whispy-haired ladies and combed over, black socked gents. I looked at the table next to us...old people. Now, it isn't necessarily that this is breaking news or anything. I mean...I know that old people eat at Furr's and Luby's but, WOW! They were everywhere. We sat in a sea of Mee-Maws and Paw-Paws that smelt of baby powder, Aqua-net, and Old Spice. There was something comforting about all of it.
It was a real treat to see Jas during his workday and pat him on the back for his hard work.
Luke seemed to enjoy seeing his daddy too. He was extra affectionate. I guess sometimes it's nice doing something different. Call me CRAZY!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Smokin' Thanksgiving Weekend

I love Thanksgiving. I remember being a litle kid and waking up to the smell of turkey and dressing and the sound of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade at my grandparents' house. I am thankful this year for friends and family. This year we jam packed our holiday weekend! Brae spent time with Jocelyn, her step-mom's family for Thanksgiving. Luke and I spent the first day of break with good friends, Jodi and Collin. We spent the day in Fort Worth. Our first stop was the miniature train ride, The Trinity Express. Luke was completely mesmerized. It took us through parts of the area I wasn't even familiar with.
I really enjoyed the beautiful scenery.
After the train ride, we Diego-ed it over to the Ft. Worth Zoo.

Luke hadn't been to the zoo that he could remember. He had fun exploring with Collin and I , as always, enjoyed spending time with my sweet frien Jo to the Odi. I love that girl!

The Next day was Thanksgivin' as Luke calls it. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law hosted.

Turkey for my turkey!

Finally, on Friday we headed to Oklahoma for our annual tradition,
family time at Lake Murray. Here the extended family gets together to enjoy the end of fall and welcome in Christmas.

This has always made it easier for us to share Thanksgiving with all the ones we love. we are able to spend the Holidays with our in-laws and then as a family we meet at Lake Murray and spend the whole weekend together. The kids had a blast burying each other in the leaves. We arrived, got the fire started, drank hot cocoa, listened to Bing Christmas tunes, and visited. The kids made flame roasted s'mores for everyone. I like my marshmallows burnt. Do you like roasted marshmallows?

I attempted the Christmas card picture BUT no bones. This one is cute none the less,I think.

Jas got to exercise his pyromaniac tendencies keeping a tall strong fire burning the majority of the weekend. heh heh heh... FIRE! yeah! yeah!

Pyro tendencies may be genetic as Lukey Luke couldn't seem to get enough of it. I love campfires. They smell sooo goood. Jas roocks the campfires. Mmmm-Hmmmm!
It was a fun year since Luke really understood the Holiday and was able to soak it all in. I love that boy. I am thankful for this life!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Amazing Barefoot Musician

Rodney Branigan...WOW!!
Tonight, I made my way out to the Ft. Worth Stockyard's to take in a little show.By little, I mean like a stick of dynamite. I was lucky enough to get to listen to the incredible instrumental and vocal talent of Rodney Branigan. This guy! There are really not words. I am surprised he doesn't have his own show in Vegas! Move over Celine Dion! This guy has more talent in his big toe than she does in her whole twiggy frame.

I walked in a little late, but when I did, he was playing guitar and his own percussion. He had a tambourine he rocked with his foot as he skillfully picked the geeetar. I walked in and as the sign on the wall said,
I sat down
I shut-up
and I listened.
And watched, and picked my jaw up off the floor, and held on tight to my seat, and tapped my toe, and nodded my head, and was awe-struck!
In addition to his own percussion,he also can play 2 guitars at 1 time.
I can't even rub my head and pat my tummy.

From the burbs of Amarillo, he now calls London, England home. Home for a Thanksgiving visit, he is doing just a few shows and I am really glad I made this one. Annnnnnd...

I got a vintage Hayes Carll CD from when he played at Clubhouse in 2004 from my sweet friend Joni, Mama of the Clubhouse shows.I enjoyed having some me time tonight.

Check him out on youtube, Rodney Branigan as he plays 2 guitars. It is called flip trick.

Again, WOW! Let me know what you think!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mommy Dragon's Little Fella

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6
He is such a little man!! This guy loves to help me and is so into cleaning. If I get close to the sink, he begs to help with dishes. If I am doing laundry, he reaches up for the clothes from the wash and throws them in the dryer for me. The other day, when I was washing dishes he asked if I would get the step-ladder so he could help me. Realizing how I could capitalize on this in the future, I definitely did not hesitate. He stuck with it til they were all gone.
He got a little worried when he looked at his hands and noticed they were all raisiny.
n n n
I rewarded his efforts with a little dessert after dinner.
Turkey in a Blizzard.
To make these, you need:
1 chocolate covered donut,
1 Hershey's kiss,
1 orange sprinkle
( I used leftover Halloween ones),
and 4 candy corn.
n n n
1.) Gently press Hershey's Kiss into the donut near the hole.
2.) Press each candy corn around the top rim of the donut
3.) Press orange sprinkle into the pointy top of Kiss.
I put mine atop a scoop of vanilla ice cream.Voila!! Turkey in a Blizzard

n n n
Bernadette the Thrift Store Angel
She was all of $1.99 at my favorite Thrift Store! I am sure she brought Merry Christmases to her family, but they apparently moved on to someone new. So now, she will reside happily in my Check Spellingliving room. I hope to rescue more angels just like her. She is helping to slowly transition my decor into Christmas and quite frankly, I love her.
n n n

Monday, November 16, 2009

Aunt Ida, Duchess of Vilonia, Joins her King

57 years and 1 month ago, this world was introduced to Ida Mae Swaim, a toe-headed delta sweetheart. She was the youngest of 7 children with an amazing spirit. Known to her mama as Ider, Maw-Maw to her grandkids,Aint Idie to her nieces and nephews,she left an an Ida shaped hole in our hearts. On her 56th birthday she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. 1 year and 1 month later she was laid to rest.
n n n
Happier Times
I met Aunt Ida just a few days before mine and Jason's wedding. After a little teasing about whether or not I was sure I wanted to be part of the family, Aunt Idie asked me if I wanted to see the dress she planned to wear for our big day. She left the room and came back minutes later dressed in a 1980's royal blue number that was sure to turn heads, but not in a flattering way. Giving into stereotypes, I assumed what they said about Arkansans was true. Not wanting to seem rude, I politely complimented the blueberry monstrosity. She laughed and fortunately had something more elegant planned.
n n n
I loved going to Vilonia in the spring time to pick veggies out of her and Uncle Roberts' garden. Together we picked peppers, squash, cucumbers, and purple hull peas. We would sit around the table, shell peas, and talk the afternoon away. Our efforts were rewarded with a delicious garden fresh vegetable dinner complete with pickled cumbers, fried taters, and sweet tea.
n n n
Every time I would visit, Aunt Ida made a point to make sure she and I had special time together, doing my favorite thing, thrift shopping. The kids would ask if they could come and she let them know in no uncertain terms, that they were not invited. We always shopped together. In March, she and I hit a few stores in Carlisle. On the car ride there, we talked about the unfortunate turn of events. She shared with me that she was at peace with dying. The only part she hated was the sorrow her family would feel. I let her know that as much as I would miss her, I knew that our time apart would be short.
n n n

Aunt Ida with her family before we knew about the cancer. Christmas, 2006.

Aint Idie and "Luke the Toot" as she called him seen here at Granny-Greats.
Luke has said on many occasions recently, "I miss Aint Idie. I don't want her to be in Heffen"

I loved this idea. I think it would be a great thing for Brae to do in honor of her daddy. The kids each said a prayer while holding their balloon, letting Maw-Maw know how much they loved her. They sent the balloon to the sky and on to Heaven.
n n n

Our cousins Chad and Misty's new bundle of boy.

Welcome little one. We are so glad to meet you and can't wait to share with you the love and memories we have of Aunt Ida.
The family gathered after the funeral at Grandma's in Hazen. We spent time visiting with one another.
Her presence was definitely missed.

n n n