Monday, December 7, 2009

Mommy Dragon in the Cotton Sea

I just returned from a great afternoon treat! On a whim, I called Jason to see if he wanted to meet for lunch. We hadn't met for lunch in a LONG time. I love getting to see him in the middle of the day. He has put in a lot of extra hours in the past weeks so it was a nice change. When it came time to decide on a restaurant, Jas picked Furr's. Home cooking is always a favorite for me. I love Southern food. When we walked in, it was a little nostalgic.
I remember being little and eating at the very same Furr's, back in it's hay-day. Pushing my tray down the metal railing made me feel so independent. Getting to pick whatever I wanted to eat was so liberating. And there was nothing more exciting than picking from the pretty meringue and whipped cream topped desserts and bowls of crystal jello. And drinking milk out of the little carton with a straw was like the cherry on top.
Even now that I am grown I couldn't help but feel very young in that place. I glanced across the room to notice an abundance of cotton topped, white headed, whispy-haired ladies and combed over, black socked gents. I looked at the table next to us...old people. Now, it isn't necessarily that this is breaking news or anything. I mean...I know that old people eat at Furr's and Luby's but, WOW! They were everywhere. We sat in a sea of Mee-Maws and Paw-Paws that smelt of baby powder, Aqua-net, and Old Spice. There was something comforting about all of it.
It was a real treat to see Jas during his workday and pat him on the back for his hard work.
Luke seemed to enjoy seeing his daddy too. He was extra affectionate. I guess sometimes it's nice doing something different. Call me CRAZY!

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