Monday, September 14, 2009

Dimestore Dragon, A Balloon Wish, and a Rooster

met my mom for breakfast Friday at a favorite taqueria of ours.after breakfast we went next door to a mercado where we found Mexican Bingo.In looking at the card I thought a rooster (altogether now, El Gallo) might be a forgiving first attempt.

i am all about free-hand cutting, mostly because I can not draw worth a lick. As you can see, my rooster looks a bit like a child's thanksgiving turkey.

this is my finished product. Its a little cartoonish.I enjoyed playing around with the different textures and colors.

Feeling inspired, Luke and I went to our neighborhood thrift store to see what was new there. I found this 1970's beauty and for giggles tried it on.

I loved the color and the material.

I look like I am trying to woo Big Bird.
Luke this pic.
Luke and I have a few little traditions. If he can behave the whole time we are in the store, he gets a balloon. And when we leave the store he makes a wish. Today, he wished for chocolate.

After he makes a wish. he lets the baloon go, so it will come true.

Going, Going,

Have a great day all!