Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Tale of Mommy Dragon and the 3 Puffs

Once Upon a Time
in a land, not so far away....
there lived a fierce, fire-breathing, bulgey-eyed, gnarly-toothed, long talloned, GINORMOUS -BELLIED, spikey-tailed,scaley, venom-squirting, VERY MEAN,Mommy Dragon. really, Mommy dragon was a nick-name granted by my 3 year old that seemed to stick.Not sure why or even how, but its cool.I prefer to think of myself as the pink shimmery dragon on Shrek with the long pretty eyelashes, who blows heart shaped smoke rings.Welcome to my little lair. I am so excited to have possibly figured out this blogging thing.I have always enjoyed reading the blogs of others, but always felt a little intimidated. Seemed to me that everyone really had their stuff together and that my life was lacking. Nobody would want to hear what this girl had to say.And then one day while listening to a sweet friends teaching and testimony, I learned that my story is a blessing that is intended for the Lord's glory so my tale must be told. I am a Texas girl who is blessed beyond measure.I have 3 Puffs. Puff #1 is my Hunka-Studly cigar smoking,Prince Charming, Jason. Jason and I married in September of 2003 after a 2 year courtship.We met September 8, the 3 day rule was kind of a bust. We met through mutual friends at the Ft.Worth a BAR!We have 2 kids.Puff #2, Braelyn is my 10 year old brown-eyed powder puff princess.Braelyn will be entering the 5th grade and is academically and musically talented.She excels in school and is a creative song-writer. Her daddy used to tell everybody she was going to be a Veterinarian Lounge Singer.Puff #3 is my 3 year old choo-choo train lovin', blue-eyed joker, Luke. Luke is a funny boy who is a creature of habit. He likes to wake up in the morning, lay on the couch, drink chocolate milk, and watch Sprout. He is a laid back kid who loves his Mama!Which is good because I think he is pretty special too. I can niot wait to dive in and share our tale and hope you enjoy following along in the adventure that is my life!