Sunday, September 20, 2009

Farnham Femme Fun and Feast

Luke and I had a great morning Friday, enjoying time with girlfriends. Ever wonder what the world looks like from a 3 year old's perspective? Luke snapped this pic of Tracy, Janey, and Heather.

Every month or so during the school year, my "peeps" and I gather for some girl time at our friend, Janey's. It's a much welcomed change to the everyday of motherhood, work, home-schooling, PTA Mom-ing , and housework that fills our everyday. Janey makes it her business to feed us til we're stuffed. All of us bring over a tasty treat of some sort.Pot stickers and Ambrosia Fruit Salad are usually a staple brought by Laura. Heather is known for her salsa and sheet cake. Tonya wowed us with her fresh canned green beans and Tracy is our drink girl. This leaves me. I appparently am the wild card. I tend to bring the item that most are afraid to try and sometimes don't. I decided this time should be no different.

I introduced my sweet friends to sweet bread. In spanish it is called pan de dulce. I personally love it and HIGHLY recommend you try it at least 1 time. I brought the standards. Empanadas de manzana y calabaza, maranos, and conchas.Empanadas are like fried pies by their shape and filling but are baked. Empanadas de Manzana are filled with an apple pie filling. Empanadas de Calabaza are filled with sweetened pumpkin filling.Conchas are also called Turtle Shells. Concha, meaning shell, for the non-spanish speakers, are bread like pastries that are semi-sweet.The Maranos or pig shaped cookies are cookies made with molasses. I threatened that if everyone didn't try some my days of bringing anything were over.I'm just a little spoiled. It went over well. I didn't see anybody spit into their napkin, so that was good.

In our group we have 4 October birthdays.Last year Janey got us all crowns.This year, she splurged. We all are now the proud owners of bjillion carat diamond rings. She pulled an Oprah and used our rings as napkin holders. She couldn't fool us!

After Janey's delish chicken and rice meal and the infamous force fed cultural experience, we all threw in our dollar for a fun and fiercely competitive game of Keeno.For those unfamiliar, Keeno is a bingo type game where instead of numbers, you are looking for the suit called. We all bring a gift in a brown paper sack, stapled shut. It was so much fun. I had a good card, but nowhere near as good as Tonya and Heather. I won 1 time. Tonya won 100 times and Heather won 130 times. Not really but may as well have. They were on FIRE!

Heather or Heifer as Lukey-Luke calls her, won this cute little Monster Candy Jar.

Me, trying to rub some good luck off the BIG WINNERS!

Finally, afte much praying, wishing, positive thinking, and CURSING (just kiddin'), Tracy called KEENO!

Alas, Janey had Keeno 2 times. The moral of this story is

ya gotta keep your head in the game,

Luke LOVES going to Janey's house. He gets to play with his cars, eat candy, is adored by some of the sweetest most kind hearted women, and watch his favorite movies.

I love girl time. I always leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.