Saturday, October 3, 2009

Farewell 20's

On Saturday I bid farewell to my 20's on a girl trip to Canton. I left for Canton a little girl and came back a woman! It was my first time. I had always heard about how great it was, but had no idea! It was....INCREDIBLE! I have found my Disneyland. My Aunt Jerra, cousins Cara, Cassie, and Amanda, my sweet Braelyn, and myself, piled into my aunt's SUV and headed East to this well known monthly market.

I was pretty excited on the car ride there.

It was settled. I died and went to Heaven.
The very first booth I saw was this one. A tent lined with vintage boots, totally color coordinated,welcomed me like St. Pete at the Pearly Gates! If there is not a Canton in Heaven...
I might be disappointed.
Fire on the mountains! Run Boys, RUN!

I had an opportunity to refresh my fiddlin' skills at this booth. I could only stroke a g note. The other strings were to loose and I did not want to break it. Good times! Yeah, um, I played in 5th grade. It's been a while! LOL! 20 years to be exact-ish.

You know how they say it is the thought that counts? Well. I thought of Jessie when I saw these. She recently made a sock monkey for an organization that helps children.
I thought these little guys looked so cute waiting to be adopted.

Here, we girly girls stopped for a sit, a coke, and a smile. The food was pretty yummy!

Thought the girls would appreciate this one...
When I am QUEEN, every store will be required to have a chair and sign just like this. A fine will be issued to non-compliant husbands that will be given to the wife for more shopping, thus, granting her another hour and a couple hundred bucks to find the perfect pair of shoes.
Pretty Puppies.... Pretty tragic really!!
The funny thing about Canton is, there is an insane amount of sparkle, razzle dazzle, zebra print, hot pink, homemade, big bowed pretties. You leave essentially hosed down in glitter, and gaudiness. Even the puppies are dressed up. I saw a lady pushing her precious poochies in this super cute little stroller and I stopped her to ask for a picture.
This is where the story takes a dreadful turn.
The leash is tied to the roof of the stroller. The puppies were being coaxed by the owner to look up at the camera. Good. The puppy got confused and thought sh e was telling her to come.And then, she...
The pretty blonde puff of a poochy hung from the roof dangling at the neck.
Not to mention, EMBARRASING!!

Speaking of things that are funny, we ran into Brae's 2nd grade teacher who was camping in Canton. She said is was her 2nd time to ever go camping. Brae and I always run into Mrs. Burns. We often see her out in Southlake, my other, more local favorite place to shop.
Brae was thrilled to get to see her!!

I love this place. I will always remember this trip!
I FOUND MY COWBOY BOOTS! We were heading back to the car and I saw this ridiculously adorable streamline trailer. It was so precious!!Totally re-done inside in hot pink and lime Green and leopard, I had to go in. And then, I met them. They said to me, "Are you my mother?" I said, are you a size 8? They said, "MOMMY!" It was probably the happiest day of my life!

Here they are. I am considering sending out birth/adoption announcements......
They are leather from top to bottom, look worn out, but are brand new. I am in love!
After Canton, I got an opportunity to wear Dolly and Daisy out to dinner.My brother-in-law and I share a birthday so we went out to On the Border to celebrate his birthday.
Luke and Hayden, Grammy's boys!

I took a pic of this plate because I thought it would be fun to try on matte board with the magazine cut outs. Just a thought!
Hopefully my 30's won't be a blur.......