Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Summer Lovin' Chapter 2: San Antonio

The weekend after our fantabulous family reunion, we packed up and headed to the Hill Country aka My Happy Place. Jason and I count San Antonio as one of our top 3 places we love to visit. We had a really awesome time there!
We were going southbound, 35!
We were headin' down the road!
Jasonian is the man!! I am so grateful he was driving. I am not a fan.
Luke was really good on the car ride.
Brae and the Nintendo DS that kept her happy and busy!

Before heading to the hotel we stopped off in Gruene.
Her the kids each got a treat.
Ice cream,
After the babies finished up the frozen yummy-ness,
We headed to the Gristmill where Jas and I grabbed a tasty treat!
Sangria for Mommy Dragon a Frosty cold Budweiser for Daddy!

After Gruene, we carried on to our hotel in San Antonio.
Here big man Luke, is carrying in his own bag.He insisted!!
Daddy and Luke take on the Riverwalk for dinner. It was a pretty busy day!We ate at Landry's. It was deliciousness.
The next day we headed to The Alamo.
Me and the fam tried a Chamoy Snow cone...
Quite frankly, I am totally unsure how anyone can eat that!
It is sour, spicy, and definitely an acquired taste I have yet to acuire.
In 1 word...
The family posing in front of The Alamo!

While exploring the grounds, Luke said,

Jas thought it would be fun to get Luke a souvenir penny.
"You broke my money!" Luke said.This tree was amaaaazing! Wish I could remember how old it was.
Either way, it was pretty old.

Hey Pee-Wee, there isn't an attic, but I think I found the basement.
This is a GINORMOUS glass sculpture. It reminds me of candy.
Amazing to stand close too!

Jason tried the local flavor. Turns out Anheuser Busch distributes Alamo Beer.
Jason works for Anheuser Bush.
Brae helped us get back to our car by way of her trusty map and back pack.
Just call her Dora the Explorer!
I am beat more on this trip tomorrow....