Sunday, September 26, 2010

What's in a Name Giveaway

What a beee-u-tee-full weekend.
it's's fall. it's fall.
I love the cooler temps and pretty tie-dyes leaves.
Today I honored the Sabbath.
(i.e: I laid around on my booty all day)
I decided NOT to do any housework. not a lick. and it felt
The kids enjoyed being home all day.
They drew on the sidewalk.
Luke made a hummingbird...that looked like...
a HUMMINGBIRD! I love his brain.

They flew a kite.
The wind was crisp and perfect for a kite flight.

AND Yesterday....
Yesterday, my feller and I loaded up the kids and drove to Uptown Dallas.
The Scarbos in Uptown Dallas is pretty similar to
hillbillies in Beverly Hills.
{seems kinda funny}
But the store we went to was pretty ROCKIN'!
Cause I met these little Darlin's!
Meet....The New Girls.
As many of you know, I love to name my cowboy boots.
I don't know why! Don't bother askin'.
My first pair are now known as The Double D's, Dolly and Daisy.
My black pair..Roxy and Kitty.
But these ladies? I got nothin'.So...Help me name the Pinky Ladies.
A little redneck, a little sassy, kinda gaudy, with a splash o'trashy.
I am looking for a pair of names that are fresh out of the trailer park.
If I pick your name suggestion, I will give you this weeks Turn it out Tuesday feature,
the one of a kind Read and Green Ornament, made of recycled magazines.
So post your entry in the comments of this page
and an e-mail addy where you can be reached. Then post the link to your blog and help me spread the word:) I am hoping to pick a name by Friday night. Happy naming!