Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Dragon Returns; Love in the Air

This is a middle schooler. Middle schoolers are a witty species, known for eye-rolling, and rapid physical maturity. This particular breed cares much about appearance, communicates by texting, and demands being treated like an adult. Temperament ranges somewhere between helpful and cooperative to angry and volatile. When a middle schooler approaches, proceed with caution. It is typically uncertain WHICH mood the Middle Schooler might be in. Under no circumstances should one attempt to pry cell phone from species' hand unless, that person has undergone thorough training.


I am baffled. Look at her.

As tall as me, sharp as a tack, and
GORGEOUS! I AM a PROUD MAMA! I wasn't too sure how it was all going to go,
but so far things are going well. Praise GOD!

In an attempt at earning my Domestic Goddess Badge.... Luke and I baked Braelyn a cake for her first day of school. I would like to say, it was a lot of fun baking with the Little Man.

I would also like to say, that I am never going to make it in the bakery business.
AND...that my cake looked like it would also work nicely at, say, maybe a
BACHELORETTE PARTY. Or at a urologist office party. I would post a picture of the delectable PENCIL CAKE, but I think I am going to just let your imagination take ya there.

I am definitely no Ace of Cakes, that's for sure! I am so happy that middle school has not YET become the scary nightmare I thought it was going to be.

I am only a year behind in my blogging efforts but am ready to give it another go.I would like to pretend like NOTHING has happened since I blogged last...but I'd be a


sooo...for blogging purposes...let's just start with what's gone on lately.

Four score and 7 years ago, I said I DO to this handsome, hardworking, and gosh darn it-- FUNNY bloak. Weird how much we've changed in just 7 years.
Jason and I decided to kick off the infamous itch in a BIG way!

We stayed overnight at the Stockyard's Hotel and ate dinner at our favorite restaurant, H3 Ranch. We bid on this package at a benefit that was held on behalf of Jason's co-worker, Ruben Martinez. He lost his life after being shot while delivering beer. He was a husband and daddy with a new baby on the way. Made me appreciate my guy that much more. Got a little teary eyed to think how fast Ruben's wife's Life has changed.
I love this guy.and wine. and steak.

I am very thankful for this life!