Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dragon Date Night

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, it is no secret that I am a fan of Hayes Carll.
For those who are not Facebook Frequent Flyers...I am undeniaby, shamelessly obsessed with this man's music. I was first introduced to the soundtrack of my life about 3 years ago when I heard, Down the Road Tonight. Hayes' voice is seasoned, like a man who has seen a lot, been through it all, and lived to tell about it. With its Rockabilly appeal and references to my other favorite state Arkansas, I was hooked.
I have happily been a groupie ever since!
Did I mention he is a ridiculously nice performer? He is very entertaining!
and cute. Did I type that? Wait. What? I don't know how that got there. Weird.
Jason and I lived a little and headed to 8.0 in Ft. Worth's Sundance Square to hear Hayes at the summer concert music series, Wednesday.
It was such a great night for sitting on the patio and listening to live Texas Country music.
Here the drummer, Kenny, and bass guitarist John Michael, prep for the show.
I met Kenny's brother, Wayne backstage at Billy Bob's and visited with him some at this show.
John Michael used to play for Jack Ingram. He was a member of the Beat Up Ford Band.

This is Ricky Ray Jackson. He and John Michael also have a side project they do together. A band called the Happen-Ins. They currently play in Austin at The Scoot. Once they get an album done, they plan to scoot on over to DFDub. Ricky Ray also plays the steel guitar.
This is Scott Davis. Scott, from what I have been able to piece together, travels abroad with Hayes. He also has a side project with Kenny and Ricky Ray. They play locally, every other Sunday at The Moon in Ft. Worth. This band does covers of old country songs. I would love to check them out except they play at 10:30 on Sunday nights. I would probably lose my Mom of the Year Award if I went to that show. On a school night?! I requested a matinee show....

John Michael is mentioned 3 times, because he is my favorite to watch on stage. He is soooo laid back. I am pretty sure he was born in the wrong era. He is the real deal; a hippy if there ever was one.

I looove this pic. My flash was off and I was pretty sure there was something wrong with my camera, but I kept snapping. I am pleased. I wonder if it would print just like this. I was excited because Hayes played the song, Chickens. We hadn't heard him play it live. He wrote this one with Ray Wylie Hubbard.This was our third time seeing him perform live, since May. We plan to hear him in October at Dan's Silverleaf and then at Billy Bob's again in January. yay!