Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Smokin' Thanksgiving Weekend

I love Thanksgiving. I remember being a litle kid and waking up to the smell of turkey and dressing and the sound of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade at my grandparents' house. I am thankful this year for friends and family. This year we jam packed our holiday weekend! Brae spent time with Jocelyn, her step-mom's family for Thanksgiving. Luke and I spent the first day of break with good friends, Jodi and Collin. We spent the day in Fort Worth. Our first stop was the miniature train ride, The Trinity Express. Luke was completely mesmerized. It took us through parts of the area I wasn't even familiar with.
I really enjoyed the beautiful scenery.
After the train ride, we Diego-ed it over to the Ft. Worth Zoo.

Luke hadn't been to the zoo that he could remember. He had fun exploring with Collin and I , as always, enjoyed spending time with my sweet frien Jo to the Odi. I love that girl!

The Next day was Thanksgivin' as Luke calls it. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law hosted.

Turkey for my turkey!

Finally, on Friday we headed to Oklahoma for our annual tradition,
family time at Lake Murray. Here the extended family gets together to enjoy the end of fall and welcome in Christmas.

This has always made it easier for us to share Thanksgiving with all the ones we love. we are able to spend the Holidays with our in-laws and then as a family we meet at Lake Murray and spend the whole weekend together. The kids had a blast burying each other in the leaves. We arrived, got the fire started, drank hot cocoa, listened to Bing Christmas tunes, and visited. The kids made flame roasted s'mores for everyone. I like my marshmallows burnt. Do you like roasted marshmallows?

I attempted the Christmas card picture BUT no bones. This one is cute none the less,I think.

Jas got to exercise his pyromaniac tendencies keeping a tall strong fire burning the majority of the weekend. heh heh heh... FIRE! yeah! yeah!

Pyro tendencies may be genetic as Lukey Luke couldn't seem to get enough of it. I love campfires. They smell sooo goood. Jas roocks the campfires. Mmmm-Hmmmm!
It was a fun year since Luke really understood the Holiday and was able to soak it all in. I love that boy. I am thankful for this life!