Monday, September 28, 2009

A Baby for Joni

A few weeks ago, a Facebook friend of mine began posting that something she has always wanted to do was finally going to happen. Soon after that, she began posting that she was going to be getting her new baby very soon. Visions of a young Chinese or Ethiopian baby started fluttering through my mind. "My new baby is coming Friday, she'd say. " I can't wait for the new baby to be here." she'd say. I started getting nervous for her. Did she have the nursery ready? Was she still going to get to be the free spirited gypsy she appeared to be? I mean...what? Was she gonna just carry her little Baby Zahara around in a papoose? Finally Friday came and for those few, like myself who had no idea what she was thinking, we anticipated what this baby was going to look like.
Well, here she is. Nicknamed Chickie, this is the dream baby she always wanted.
So, like I would do for any of my friends, I thought I would make her a Card of Congratulations. I had fun making this. Here is the play by play.
Using card stock, I free handed the basic shapes needed to make VW Bug. I used the pic above from her Face book page to see what the key details were.

Next, I flipped through mags to find colors and such that would help with the pic. I found this washer and dryer set. The red and metal would suit me just fine.
I found the dove from the 3 Days of Peace Woodstock poster.
I cut it out and needed to find a place to put it.
So, after a fun naming contest on Facebook, I decided to add the new baby girl's name.
My name suggestion didn't win, but the winning name is cute and original.

Here is the finished product. I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Luke's Very First Rangers Game, ever!!

On Sunday, September 27, Luke attended his very first
Rangers Game, compliments of
the Ballpark and the Snowball Express.

Luke catching a ride on the Daddy Express.

Luke attentively watching the game. After the third inning, he said, "That was fun!! I ready to go home now."

Snowball Express recieved 100 tickets and opened the event up to friends and family of fallen soldiers. Braelyn brought her 2 besties, Julianne and Braiden. Braiden and Brae have been good friends since kindergarten.Julianne has been a bestes buddy since 1st grade. These 3 get along remakably well! Loooove it!

Los Terificos Tres looking big and independent sitting all by themselves. As you can see, Jason and I were sitting VERY far away.
our section won salsa bowls. It pays to be a family of four. We got a complete set.Yay!

Mr. and Mrs. Scarborough von Cheesydorx

This may have been cuter had I not cut poor Julianne off!

He even won the dot race!

We all had a great time!

Luke really enjoyed his first baseball game!