Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mommy Dragon, Hitter of Books

the flickering light of a smelly-good candle.
a mix of Dave Mattthews, Gillian Welch, and Feist.
a homesick for my youth me. studying. remembering.
Something about studying, a fragrant candle, and DMB. Takes me back to my early 20's and makes me kinda yearn to go back there. Dreams were big!Hopes were many. I mean life isn't so bad! I have a good life. But this little piece of me, says...if only there WERE such a thing as time travel:) I would live in the a well decorated, eclectic loft apartment. I would cook gourmet meals for my bestests. And when I got married, we would visit art museums together and teach our children about culture and music, and shop in exclusive stores, because we would be so rich!

My daydreaming was interrupted, by this little tiny, boy who just needed to be close to his mommy. Pillow in hand, he climbed onto my bed, and nestled as close as he could. And I realized, I'm already rich. And it's not even a daydream.

I looked at and kissed his little hand and decided to embrace this time in my life.