Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Amazing Barefoot Musician

Rodney Branigan...WOW!!
Tonight, I made my way out to the Ft. Worth Stockyard's to take in a little show.By little, I mean like a stick of dynamite. I was lucky enough to get to listen to the incredible instrumental and vocal talent of Rodney Branigan. This guy! There are really not words. I am surprised he doesn't have his own show in Vegas! Move over Celine Dion! This guy has more talent in his big toe than she does in her whole twiggy frame.

I walked in a little late, but when I did, he was playing guitar and his own percussion. He had a tambourine he rocked with his foot as he skillfully picked the geeetar. I walked in and as the sign on the wall said,
I sat down
I shut-up
and I listened.
And watched, and picked my jaw up off the floor, and held on tight to my seat, and tapped my toe, and nodded my head, and was awe-struck!
In addition to his own percussion,he also can play 2 guitars at 1 time.
I can't even rub my head and pat my tummy.

From the burbs of Amarillo, he now calls London, England home. Home for a Thanksgiving visit, he is doing just a few shows and I am really glad I made this one. Annnnnnd...

I got a vintage Hayes Carll CD from when he played at Clubhouse in 2004 from my sweet friend Joni, Mama of the Clubhouse shows.I enjoyed having some me time tonight.

Check him out on youtube, Rodney Branigan as he plays 2 guitars. It is called flip trick.

Again, WOW! Let me know what you think!