Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Busy Life of a Little Boy

It must be tiresome, being a little boy.

Luke has 3 styles of dress.

Soccer Champion

believe it or not, he had a whistle blown on him
for throwing his elbow into the other team's players.
Timid Luke, the soccer aggressor.

Fix-it Man

Luke loves to watch people fix things.
Our t-molding has taken a beating since
he watched his uncles put laminate floor down.
Rip trim up,hammer down. repeat.

Condemner of Evil Doers

favorite show?Cops.
favorite thing to do with friends? Arrest them.
favorite thing to dress up as... you get it.

Stunt Driver
Luke loves to drive his cars.
Thanks to Pappy he has a few.
My Pa-In-Law gets broken Power Wheels and repairs them.

Big Boy Follower
Luke has no idea he is only 4.
He loves hangin' with the big boys.

wild man, kooky Lukey.
He keeps us rolling!!

Rest my Little One.