Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This Halloween was a good one, despite my lack of desire to decorate. I got as far as buying a few window clings at Wal-Mart and a couple pumpkins from Sprout. Other than that...nothin'. Fortunately, the lack of spooky ambiance did not prevent my monkeys from having a great time. This Halloween was jam packed and the kids and I had fun celebrating. Brae was "Sponge Babe" and Luke was "Spiderman" with big muscles. Below, Luke and the kids from his pre-school pose for their action hero poster pic. Captain America in the middle had just instructed Spiderman Luke) and Cat woman (Ashlynn) to "save da wold." I feel safe!How about you???

The kids were adorable in their costumes and it was nice that Lukey-Luke had little friends to play with this year. The next day, the kids and I went to Brae's Fall Festival at her school. The theme this year was The Great Pumpkin. The decor was great and the festival turned out really good. Brae and Luke took her final elementary fall fest pic. We now have the whole collection since Miss B was in Kinder.

They were such "Hambones." They enjoyed the games and tickets. Brae actually spent most of the time with friends this year. But it was alright. Luke and I got to spend time together. Brae felt very independent and her mom only felt moderately abandoned.

After Fall Festival it was off to the In-Laws for another Falloween Traditition...

Since Brae was itty bitty we have gone over to Jason's parents for Chili Dogs on Halloween Night. This year Jessica made homemade chili. It was really good. It is amazing to me that 3 years ago to the day, Brae's daddy deployed back to Iraq. I look at her now and can not believe what an amazing young woman she has become. This year was the first year I felt like my little baby isn't a little baby anymore. She was pretty much over trick-or-treating. :(

{Sassy Britches Squarepants}
After Halloween at the in-laws, we headed to our next Halloween tradition, trick or treating at Hometown. Hometown is a newer neighborhood that consists of homey old-timey houses made of siding and painted bright colors. It is a great place. Hometown has a real sense of community about. It is, in essence, like a small town.

Hometown would be an ideal place to raise a family. "People are dying to get in."
Next Stop ...Nannie's House!
The kids were greeted at the door by Nannie, Uncle Steve, and Aunt Jerra.
This year Brae decided rather than going around and collecting candy, that this year, she would help Nannie hand out candy.
There is no candy as sweet as family!!
Hometown is known for its elaborate holiday decorations. There are several set-ups like the one below for pictures of the chitlins. We ran into Brae's principal at one of our first houses. She was coincidentally visiting her parents. We took this pic at her parents' house. Small world.
{ Hometown is always decorated to the max! }

{ Meet Lucille.}
Every year the neighbors decorate a broomstick and put her out front. Brae ran down and met us really quick to get her annual Lucille pic.
WARNING! The following is not for the faint hearted....
Before continuing, make sure you are sitting down.

Have you ever seen such a thing????
I found this to be the very most unique Halloween gimmick EVER! We walked up and there, gleaming like the North Star, was a lovely home decorated very elaborately with Holiday Cheer!
We attempted to walk up to the front porch only to find that there was line down to the street corner to get candy.

When we finally made it to the front porch, we were greeted by a large present who doled out candy canes and wished each child a Merry Halloween. We continued up the steps to find
St. Nick himself along with Mrs. Claus and a cute little elf, posing for pictures.

Luke was a little freaked out by Santa. I mean do ya blame him? I was confused too!!
It was a really cool idea. Luke really enjoyed seeing Santa, who told him he would see him soon.
I can not wait for Christmas! It truly was a Merry Halloween!